The new ROWE Scan 850i with a firework of innovations. ROWE honored as TOP 100 Innovator 2017

Posted by Mike on 9/28/2017

With the new development of the ROWE Scan 850i, ROWE presents a technological quantum

jump in wide-format scanning. Many of these innovations are protected by patent. Start of

ly 2017. For this ROWE has, amongst other

things, been awarded one of the most important prizes for innovative product development by

an independent expert jury, the TOP 100 Innovator Award.

A worldwide first: ROWE SAFE GUARD

One of the worldwide firsts is ROWE SAFE GUARD; media transport technology for optimal protection

of documents. This is an important innovation for all customers, who want to digitize valuable or old,

already damaged documents. These documents are protected in the best possible way with ROWE

SAFE GUARD. ROWE SAFE GUARD goes even further: even extremely wavy originals e.g. rolled

banners are safely transported and scanned. The user can also, if necessary, activate ROWE SAFE

DRIVE and reduce the speed. The result: the ROWE Scan 850i is the best bodyguard for all


Simply brilliant: scan once for perfect results with the ROWE DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT


After scanning the user can easily adjust brightness, contrast or color for example, without

rescanning the document. All changes will be immediately displayed in the viewer. This is optimal

protection for the documents and saves time.

The ROWE Scan 850i can even scan originals up to 30 mm a wish expressed many times by users.
The electrically powered height adjustment operates fully automatically at the push of a button.

Completely in line with the modularity typical for ROWE, all ROWE Scan 850i with 55"scan widths can
be upgraded to 60"on site.

New level of scan quality patented
With an optical resolution of 2.400 x 1.200 dpi and the worldwide unique patented technology ROWE
SCAN MATRIX PLUS the ROWE Scan 850i promises a scan quality unmatched in the market.
Also immediately available as MFP solution with 44" scan width

With the ROWE Scan 850i MFP all standard wide format printers become future-proof solutions for
scanning, printing and copying in the smallest space.

Most productive scanner with SuperSpeed USB 3 as standard
Automatic On the fly (patented)  Dynamic width recognition (patented)

Only ROWE combines ROWE EFFICIENT SCANNING (RES) with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. The result:
maximum productivity.
ROWE has also eliminated the annoying forward and backward movement for recognition of the
document width. On the fly , means that during the scanning process the precise width of the
document is detected. Thanks to the dynamic recognition the ROWE Scan 850i registers the correct
width of the original even when it has damaged or torn corners.

ROWE ScanCloud is standard
The ROWE Scan 850i is as standard compatible with all common cloud providers, e.g. OneDrive,
Dropbox, Aplle iCloud, Amazon Cloud, Google Drive, MagentaCloud etc.

Comprehensive selection of file formats
The ROWE Scan 850i processes all scans in many file formats PDF, PDF/A, multi-page-PDF, multipage-

Full automation of your workflow
A variety of functions can be grouped under the 6 Hot Keys on the operating panel according to
customer requirements , and called up at the touch of a button.

ROWE ScanManager
Customers can select their optimal solution from the 5 versions of the ROWE ScanManager. This
results in the perfect link between scanner, digital storage, digital
format printers.

Low cost thanks to minimal scan glass wear
Due to ROWE SAFE DRIVE the life-cycle of the scan glass of the ROWE Scan 850i is up to 500%
longer than with conventional scanners.

About ROWE
ROWE is an independent and internationally operating company from Germany, represented in 90
countries. All their systems for scanning, printing and finishing, perfectly tuned to one another, as well
as their comprehensive software solutions for professional document workflow are developed and
manufactured by ROWE. This makes ROWE the specialist and technological leader worldwide.

On 23. June 2017 ROWE was also awarded one of the most important prizes for innovation, the TOP 100
Innovator Award 2017.

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