Specializing in wide format for more than 60 years.

Perfection demands specialization – ROWE (pronounced as Row Vee) is convinced about this. This is the reason why ROWE has been concentrating on specialization in wide format for more than 60 years. Scanners, printers, controllers, folding systems and cutting technology developed and manufactured by ROWE. The decisive advantage for the customer is obvious: all ROWE products are absolutely compatible with each other thereby ensuring efficient mapping of business processes.

Awarded one of the most innovative IT companies in Germany - ROWE was awarded the Gold Medal of German World Market Leaders twice at the same time. In the two categories “The World Market Leaders” and “The Family Business”, ROWE was given the awards for its previous successes and its future prospects. The awards were presented in Berlin by German Foreign Secretary Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Quality. Made in Germany - ROWE is continuously investing in on site manufacturing in Germany, e.g. in automation and a digital network in accordance with the future-orientated industrial standard 4.0.  Cutting-edge and multi-award-winning ROWE production – “Made in Germany”.

The most important – the ROWE customers.
Successful reprography service providers and internationally renowned companies from the automotive, energy and engineering industries as well as public administrations rely on the high quality and reliability of ROWE products produced exclusively in Germany.  Distributed Worldwide in 90 countries. With an export share of 60% and increasing ROWE is represented globally in all markets. Worldwide sales are through authorized distributors and dealers.
Rowe 450i                                                             Rowe 850i
     ROWE 850i

ROWE provides scanners in sizes from 24" to 60" in width, with their T(thick models) scanning originals up to 30 millimeters or 1.18" thick. 
Maybe the best reason for selecting a ROWE, is their scanning APPS.  This is software customers have been asking for, for a very long time!
Rowe Scan Apps

ROWE TWAIN App: Direct scanning from MS Windows applications with integration of scanned document  into a chosen application.

ROWE SCAN App:  ROWE SCAN APP enables storage of scanned files on a USB data storage device or directly in the local network with a click. Protected by optionally designating a user name and password. It’s just as easy to automatically send the files via E-mail. For access independent of location you can also store your files in ScanCloud which was developed by ROWE. ROWE ScanMatrix+ always guarantees the best scan quality. Even with difficult originals you get perfect results. You can still adjust all settings after scanning, without having to re-scan the original.

ROWE EDIT App: ROWE EDIT PROFESSIONAL APP provides a variety of tools and functions enabling the professional processing of image files and scans e.g. add a picture or logo or add notes to your documents. Covering a selected area is also possible as well as simply turning a document or measuring lengths and areas of polygons. Generation of user defined color spaces for an optimal compression of file sizes. For exact cutting of your documents you can see the details in the main viewer at the same time keeping your eye on the whole picture in the overview viewer.

ROWE WEB Connect App:  ROWE WEB CONNECT APP means you always have access to your large format printer from anywhere in the world, simply, via your PC. Start your print order e.g. from England while your printer is in New York. You can directly call up status information. This operation is simple and self-explanatory. Expensive installation of other software isn’t necessary.

ROWE COPY App: ROWE COPY APP reduces waiting times and increases productivity. Thanks to the multiprint function the complete workflow can be carried out in one. Black and white print, color print and scan-to-file, all in one step, fully automatic. Besides that you can carry out other scan processes and archive documents during the printing process. Previously scanned documents can be edited as often as you like. Save the complete workflow including individual settings. The Closed-Loop process means color calibration is easy – resulting in perfect printing.

ROWE PRINT APP:  ROWE PRINT APP the fast and easy way to print single orders as well as complex sets. Special output options can be set for individual files and the settings selected can be saved as ‘Favorites’. All standard file formats e.g. PDF, PostScript Level 2 and 3, HPGL and HPGL2, TIFF, or JPG are supported for maximum compatibility. At the same time, you stay in control of order queues and orders that have already been completed. Print orders can be stopped, started, repeated or processed at any time. Completed orders are clearly shown as a complete sequence. Confidential documents can be protected with Follow-Me-Printing. Print-out is only after a personal PIN-Code is entered into the printer. Particularly useful when the printer and workplace aren’t in the same room.

ROWE POSTSCRIPT/PDF APP:  ROWE POSTSCRIPT/PDF APP means PostScript and PDF files can be directly printed out on a MFP-Inkjet printer. Simply move several PDF files into the order window with Drag and Drop, the app does the rest. Time consuming opening of individual files, selection of corresponding drivers as well as starting individual print jobs isn’t necessary.

ROWE COST TRACKER App:  ROWE COST TRACKER APP means you are in control of the print volumes at all times. It automatically records all running scan and print processes. This gives you a complete record of all data with a detailed list of all cost incurred, e.g. paper and toner usage within a defined time frame. The recorded data can be exported as CSV files and used for other applications, e.g. in Microsoft Excel. It also enables the further processing of all data in your internal evaluation applications, e.g. to generate invoices.

ROWE COST CENTER App:  ROWE COST CENTER APP enables automatic recording of all scan and print  processes. The evaluation of orders can be carried out automatically via the app. All recorded data can be exported as CSV files and further processed with your internal evaluation applications, e.g. to generate invoices. Set-up of user, group and cost accounts is possible. All access can be controlled and additional limits or credits can be allocated. An ideal solution for companies who want to allocate the use of their MFP inkjet to cost accounts or customers e.g. copy shop.

ROWE PRINT SPECIALS App:  ROWE PRINT SPECIALS APP is for generating and editing of user defined stamps, also as watermarks and dividers. E.g. embedding of your company logo, geometric shapes or texts into the text field of your printouts. The app is able to generate so-called ‘pen-tables’ for the output of complex HPGL-files. This means that, particularly in CAD drawings, the image of the lines can be specifically controlled and optimally printed. Using place markers dynamic information like date, time or page number can be automatically embedded into your printouts. Of special importance to you: name of drawing, user name and order name can all be allocated by you. This means all positions and sizes of your stamps can be specifically controlled, the app takes care of automatic calibration and rotation.