Paradigm Imaging VB-INDEX Software
VB-Index Software

Paradigm Imaging VB-INDEX Software

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VB-Index Software

VB-INDEX makes capturing index data from scanned engineering drawings a snap!

VB-Index is used by scanning service bureaus and individual companies, to provide a complete scanning service that includes a complete index of all the large format documents.  The data captured can be uploaded into most document management software, for easy retrieval.  Small companies can use MS Excel as a simple, searchable index.  This provides an effective solution for the problem of finding the file you need.  The biggest problem for most departments moving to digital storage of large documents, is finding the document you need.  If you don't have an index to search it can be a huge waste of time.

The easy to use interface automatically displays the drawing title block so drawing information can be entered into the data input window. Since VB-INDEX is a multi-user system, large amounts of data can be captured quickly from multiple workstations. The Indexed data, image path and filename are stored in a VB-INDEX Project File which uses the Microsoft Access 2000 database or Excel format. Scanned documents are virtually useless until a good search index is created.  Therefore we provide this software at no charge on all new scanner sales.

VBIndex ScreenFeatures:

  • Easy to Learn - With the simple to use interface, users can be trained in minutes.

  • Multi-User - Uses a floating concurrent network license activated by a software key-code.

  • Auto Zoom - Select the area of the image to magnify and VB-INDEX automatically zooms to that location, so the user can stay focused on data entry.

  • Project Wizard - Makes creating new projects a breeze. The Wizard guides the user through the process of creating index fields and selecting project folders containing the images to be indexed.

  • Project Statistics - Use this tool to check for file/record synchronization. This provides a way to easily add new file references to existing project folders.

  • Flexible - Use VB-INDEX as a front-end indexing tool to capture data for an EDM system, or use VB-INDEX as a stand-alone drawing & image database.

  • Viewer Formats - TIF, PCX, DCX, BMP & JPG

  • Database Format - Microsoft Access 2000.

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