Paradigm Developes Program That Enhances the Colortrac TWAIN Driver

Posted by Mike on 1/27/2015
Paradigm Developes Program That Enhances the Colortrac TWAIN Driver
Paradigm Develops Program That Enhances the Colortrac TWAIN Driver Paradigm Imaging Group has developed a add-on macro that works with the Colortrac TWAIN driver.
Colortrac TWAIN Driver
If you have been using the Colortrac TWAIN driver, you may have noticed that it does not remember the scan settings. Our add-on remembers the last scan settings and reopens with the scan settings already set.

Our add-on will wait in the background until the Colortrac TWAIN driver opens, it then pops up and allows the user to change settings or proceed with the scan.

The add-on consists of one EXE file called: Colortrac TWAIN Macro.exe. Simply run the add-on before scanning.

When the Colortrac TWAIN window opens, the add-on will pop up with the last scan settings. Make any changes to the settings that you like and click on the SCAN button on the add-on. Do not click on the SCAN button in the Colortrac TWAIN window.

After clicking on the SCAN button, DO NOT MOVE THE MOUSE. The add-on relies on controlling the mouse pointer and clicking. If you are moving the mouse, you will be overriding the add-on.

The add-on duplicates the scan settings available in the Colortrac TWAIN driver allowing the user complete control over the driver.

The Colortrac TWAIN Macro add-on is available for free. Simply send an email to asking for the Colortrac TWAIN Macro.

Understanding the Differences Between the Colortrac SC Xpress Series and Canon M40 Scanners

Many Canon dealers offer the Canon M40 scanner that is part of the Canon MFP system to their customers because it is a good quality and inexpensive scanner. Because the Canon M40 is made bSC Xpress vs. Canon M40y Colortrac and looks similar to the Colortrac SC Xpress series scanners, dealers and customers may assume that it is equivalent to the Colortrac SC Xpress scanners. However, the Colortrac SC Xpress scanners offer some distinct advantages over the Canon M40 scanner.

The Canon M40 scanner is restricted to the Canon MFP software which has a simplified interface with few features. It is similar to the basic software that comes with every SC Xpress scanner. The advantage that the SC Xpress scanner has is that SmartWorks PRO software can be purchased which has many more features and is far more versatile than the Canon MFP software.

The SC Xpress scanners produce a much better color scan. One of our dealers provided sample scans of colored line CAD prints from both the Canon M40 and the SC Xpress scanners. His customer decided to buy the SC Xpress scanner because the scan was noticeably better.

The SC Xpress scanner scans faster than the Canon M40 scanner. SC Xpress scan speeds are up to 12 ips in color and the Canon M40 scans at only 1.67 ips. In addition, the Canon M40 scanner has a five second pause before each scan which the SC Xpress scanner does not. This makes the Canon M40 scanner a poor fit for a production scanning requirement.

The Colortrac SC Xpress scanners are a faster, better and more versatile scanner than the Canon M40 scanners. Depending on the needs of the end user, the SC Xpress scanners could very well be worth the extra cost.

Do not let the looks of the Canon M40 fool you. It is not a low cost Colortrac SC Xpress scanner! You get what you pay for. Click to get a quote on current promo pricing on Colortrac SC Xpress scanners and MFP solutions!

Reprint from Paradigm Imaging Group.