Colortrac SmartLF SC42 Color Upgrades
SmartLF SC 42 Xpress Color Upgrades

Colortrac SmartLF SC42 Color Upgrades

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One of the finest features of the Colortrac scanner, is that it is field upgrade-able.  If you started off with a monochrome scanner and now you need color, you can upgrade your scanner to color or express color (faster color scanning speed) and you can do it yourself!  This helps to protect your investment by allowing you to change as your needs change.

These upgrades are for the Colortrac SmartLF SC42 scanner ONLY! 
The SmartLF SC42 "M" or "C" model scanners are field upgrade-able.  These upgrades will convert a Monochrome scanner to a Color or Express color model.  A Color scanner may be upgraded to an Express color model.

Key Features:
  • Upgrade is done utilizing a product or "Key" code.

  • Upgrade is performed by the scanner operator.  No service call is needed.

  • The upgrade is permanent and not reversible.

  • See product brochure for scan speed specifications.

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