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Colortrac has a long history of innovation.  They started in 1989 to support the needs of the oil exploration industry and their mapping needs.  Over the years they have been the LEADER in innovation and design.  They developed the first scanner to handle thick media so that maps mounted to Foamcore could be scanned, which also opened up a new market of scanning high quality art work.

Over the years Colortrac has expanded by acquiring other leading edge scanner companies.  In 1999 they acquired ANAtech, a company with enhanced imaging of mapping, with 1,000 dots per inch, optical resolution.  ANAtech had also developed an optics system that did not use mirrors to fold the image, which made for a cleaner scan of high resolution documents. 

Colortrac continued to focus on development of advanced technology by developing its first CIS scanner, SmartLF 4080 a new price busting scanner.

Colortrac has continued with a stream of new designs, that concord problems in large document scanning.
  • 2007.  Colortrac introduces its innovative driven soft roller design in the Gx scanner. SureDrive, which ensures good sensor contact and efficient paper transport, remains a feature of all Colortrac scanners manufactured after this date.
  • 2007.  Colortrac introduces the Gx CCD scanner with LED lighting, the world’s first large format CCD scanner not to need a 30 minute warm-up time. ‘Instant-On’, as it became known, allowed scanning to begin in less than 7 seconds.
  • 2008.  Cementing Colortrac’s commitment to protecting our climate and energy efficiency, Colortrac becomes an ENERGY STAR® partner and the SmartLF Ci 40 is awarded ENERGY STAR® status.
  • 2009.  First large format manufacturer to receive the 4.5 stars and a rating of ‘Outstanding’ from BERTL (Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories) for both CIS and CCD scanners.
  • 2009.  Readers of Wide-Format Imaging magazine voted the Colortrac SmartLF Gx 42 professional color graphics scanner series the “Best Large Format Scanner” available in the Wide-Format Scanner 2009 category.
  • 2010.  First large format manufacturer to receive a rating of ‘Best in Class’ from BERTL (Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories) for both CIS and CCD scanners.
  • 2012.  Colortrac introduces the first large format scanner with the new superfast USB3 communications interface.
  • 2012.  Colortrac launches the innovative SingleSensor technology. A huge improvement on staggered CIS, SingleSensor combines the single line accuracy of CCD scanners with the low cost of CIS scanners.
  • 2014.  The innovative SingleSensor technology is awarded a US patent.
  • 2015.  The SmartLF SG is selected as the 2015 wide format scanner product of the year by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.
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