Document Carrier Sheet
Document Carrier Sheet

Colortrac Document Carrier Sheet E-Size with Black Backing

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Colortrac Document Carrier Sheet E-Size with Black backing

A0/E-size Acrylic Document Carrier (37.5"x 50"); Clear Front 2 mil, Black Back 3mil, Document Carrier Sheet

Document carrier sheets have been used, very effectively, for many years in the reprographics industry.  They virtually eliminate damage to original documents as they pass through the copying or imaging equipment.

Document carriers should be used for any large document that can that is considered irreplaceable, or for documents that are very thin or have damage.  A scanning department should always have carrier sheets on hand, for damaged documents, they are reusable and if handled carefully, they can last for a long time.  

Colortrac provides the sheets with a WHITE or BLACK background.  For standard documents, the white sheet is best.  If you need to scan document with printing on thin paper, with image on the back side (i.e. Newspaper), you would use the black backing.  This keeps the image on the back from being captured along with the front.

Colortrac carriers are made of two sheets of acrylic film, a clear top sheet and a white backing sheet. The two sheets are attached along one edge.  The acrylic film is very translucent, providing a superior image quality. These are the recommended carrier sheets for all Colortrac scanners.

The document is placed between the two sheets of film and then fed through the scanner, inserting the hinged side first. The document is safely transported through the scanner without any damage, even if there are tears, folds, damaged edges or holes in the original.

Carrier sheets are sometimes called document wallets.

Carrier Sheet

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