High Quality Graphics & Art Work

These scanners were designed to handle extreme scanning volumes.  The charge-coupled device (CCD), sensor technology used in professional quality cameras. These provide a better depth of focus of the original and are capable of providing a larger color gamut.  CCD scanners are needed for fine detail and high color depth, and are used in all of our major flatbed scanners.  The scanners are capable of processing documents & Art media that is up to 0.6" (15mm) thick, by almost any length.  These scanner will work well on "Fine art" paintings that have a smooth surface (no acrylics or thick oils), however they will NOT handle paintings on stretchers.

• Hi-Fidelity color reproduction for scanning and reprographics service professionals
• High speed technical imaging within AEC, CAD, Mapping and GIS

High quality color printing              Solvent printer with art
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