Fine Art & High Quality Art & 3D Objects

Flatbed scanners are in high demand by artists, museums, art reproduction companies, manufacturers, libraries.  The prefer this type of scanner because there is NO risk of the scanner damaging the original art work.  To image anything bigger usually requires a very special camera system, with entry level pricing above $100,000.00!

These scanner will capture your fragile documents and artwork with uncompromising image quality and professional standards.  We carry full color wide format flatbed scanners with scan areas up to 36 inch × 50 inch/A0+ in size.  A single CCD sensor and single camera system provides a seamless image without the need for stitching. These scanners digitizing a wide range of documents, such as maps, atlas, charts, street maps, large books, fragile historical records, textiles, art objects, fine art work and various 3D objects. (2D imaging of 3D objects)

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